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About Oslo Summerpark

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About the Climbing Park in Oslo Summerpark

Would you like to swing through the trees, challenge yourself away from the ground, and experience Oslo at its best?

Then you must try our beautifully situated Climbing Park one of Scandinavia’s biggest and best rope courses.

The Climbing Park was built in cooperation with Høyt & Lavt in 2012. This year we have together expanded the park with a brand new family route for those between 110-140cm, built a new training area, and made our most difficult route, Brage, even more challenging.
Aerial ropes course

We have over 150 elements among the trees, across nine different routes of varying difficulty. Here there are challenges for all! The routes range from 0.5 metres over the ground, right up to 20 metres up in the tree tops – it is just a matter of taking on your fear of heights! We have mini-routes for the smallest, both with and without safety bindings. Our extreme routes are for the very bravest, while more family friendly routes allow the whole family to do something fun together. The Climbing Park can be used when it’s raining – bring rain clothes!

Fun zip lines

We have several zip lines to a total length of 900 metres! All zip lines are features of routes, and it is unfortunately not possible to only take zip lines. A zip line is a wire track where you fly through the air past trees, over the ground, and high above Tårnbakken. A thrill guaranteed aerial experience!

Routes for adults and children
The Climbing Park offers activities suitable to everyone above the age of three. The rope courses for the youngest children are only about one metre above the ground, and have a variety of elements, everything from balancing along a section of posts to zip lines.  For slightly bigger children (over 110cm) there are slightly higher and more challenging routes. On the family rope courses parents follow children under 12 years old up in the trees. If you like excitement you will also find more challenging and physically demanding routes. Here challenges are guaranteed for all!

The Climbing Park is constructed so as not to destroy or degrade the trees in the wood. The park is made entirely without screws or other devices that would damage the trees.

As a sustainable business we focus on the protection of nature at every stage: design, preparation, construction and use. Our business is interested in the long-term health of the forest, and we respect our natural playground. All activities are established in a sustainable way so that they do not destroy or degrade their surroundings.

For example:

• We have not drilled through any trees to build our platforms.
• The Climbing Park is designed and constructed so that trees can grow to their natural shape and size.
• Routes and paths are placed naturally so as not to disturb the local environment.

• We use the latest technology and an independent arborist who supervises the health of the trees used in the routes.

• The nature and colour of materials is chosen so as to blend into the terrain.
• Intuitive signposting encourages better understanding and knowledge about the forest, and the protection and development of this environment.


Safety is always foremost, and you will receive some obligatory training and the necessary equipment before you can enter the park. The price includes climbing harness and helmet. If you want gloves these can be bought at the desk for a reasonable price. 

All children under the age of twelve must be accompanied by an adult up in the trees. There must be at least one adult to three children, though we recommend one adult to two children for a superior experience.